Master Key Experience Week 6.1 – Making Friends with My Future Self

Below is the post I wrote last year for week 6. As promised I have added a new recording for you to listen to, which helps bring Heart Mind and Body into balance and coherence. What better gift could you give your future self?

The stand out information for me in week six was regarding procrastination and how we see our future selves. In “Solving the Procrastination Puzzle” Timothy Pychyl Phd explains that when we procrastinate all we are doing is giving problems to our future self and asked the question “why do we do this?”

So in studies where subjects were hooked up to fMRI’s and they were asked to think about:

  1. Their Present Self
  2. A Stranger
  3. Their Future Self


It was discovered that they thought of their future self in the same way as they thought of a stranger.

So this week I have decided to make friends with my future self and some of the ways I did that was:

  1. I prepared a healthy take away breakfast in the evening to take to work with me next morning.
  2. I bought the most fabulous spring bulbs and planted them for my future self to enjoy in Spring
  3. I went to bed early enough to have a good sleep before the six o’clock alarm
  4. When I looked “at the girl in the glass” at night and said I love you – I included my past present and future self!
  5. I joined Professor Procrastination on twitter!
  6. Went for a brisk walk with work colleagues at break time – exhilarating!
  7. I got up early every morning did the Master Key reading and sit together with speed reading practice.
So Now I invite you to listen to the Audio –  The Quick Coherence® Technique.

Remember from last week that when you are in coherence, your thoughts and emotions are balanced and you experience ease and inner harmony.


Master Key Experience Week 5.1 – Gaining Greater Heart Awareness.

Blossom, Bloom, Bleeding Heart, Flower

Lightbulbs have continued to turn on for me this week. During last years MKE I unveiled two words that were the core of my Definite Major Purpose – “Happy Coach.” This week I made great strides in bring this purpose to fruition – I became an Rapid Transformation Therapy Practitioner (RTTP) and I did a live 3 day online course with Gavin Andrews of HeartMath U.K. en-route to become a HeartMath Certified Coach. More about the phenomenal therapy that is RTT at a later date. Today I want to share some of my understandings of Heart Rate Variability and Coherence. I have been using HeartMath’s Inner balance technology which measures Heart Rate Variability and Coherence since July and became fascinated by how it works and what it is measuring.

What is Heart Rate Variability and Coherence?

You have probably heard of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) as it is a feature of many of our smart devices. HRV is the variance in time between the beats of your heart. So, if your heart rate is 60 beats per minute, it’s not actually beating once every second. Within that minute there may be 0.9 seconds between two beats, for example, and 1.15 seconds between two others.

Heart Rate Coherence occurs when the HRV is in an ordered and coherent state.

Coherence is an optimal state in which the heart mind and emotions are operating in-sync and in balance.

The benefits of coherence are numerous including reduced blood pressure in hypertension, improvements in asthma, increased calmness and wellbeing and improved cognitive performance.

The HeartMath Institute’s research has shown that generating sustained positive emotions facilitates Heart Coherence.

HeartMath is based on the premise that we have the power to choose the way we feel and that our Hearts hold the wisdom and intelligence to help guide each of us through whatever challenges, stresses and adversities we may face.

Balloon, Heart, Love, Romance, Sky

Can you imagine where you practice simple breathing techniques and develop sustained Heart Coherence, resulting in reduced stress levels and increased energy for you?

I invite you to listen to the Heart-Focused Breathing™ recording I made for you today.

I would love to get feedback on your experience of the Heart-Focused Breathing™ -Please leave a comment or any questions you would like answered.

Audio – Heart-Focused Breathing™

Master Key Experience Week 4.1 – My Lightbulb Moment!

Sparkler, Light Bulb, Injection Candle
I can easily be who I will to be!

The highlight of this weeks webinar for me was the Masterminding that took place after the class. This is where participants can ask questions to clarify what they are supposed to be doing and the thinking behind the exercises.

As Mark answered these questions – Neurons of understanding and realization fired in my own brain and I finally understood why we were adding colours and shapes to our index cards and remembering to notice these during the day and linking them to our DMP. It was a real AHA Lightbulb moment for me.

We are doing all this with added positive emotions to make our brain wire and fire these neurons together. You may have heard of Hebb’s law which states that “Neurons that fire together, wire together” This means that we have already established networks of neurons in our brain by the habitual way we think, feel and experience. Take for example you could have the habit of eating crisps, sweets and snack food linked to sitting down watching TV/Netflix. Years ago in Ireland the ESB had to be prepared for the surge of electricity that used that happened during the ads in the Late Late show. As soon as the ads came on everyone put on the Electric kettle – for my younger readers there was no fast forward facility or recording to watch later!

This makes us follow established thought and action patterns automatically, following the programs we have already hard wired in our brains. Unless we make an effort to interrupt these patterns, referred to as the old “Blue Print” there will be no improvement in our lives.

Nerve Cell, Neuron, Brain, Neurons
Neurons – Brain cells

Imagine your joy and enthusiasm for life as you find yourself automatically performing tasks to effortlessly achieve your purpose because you have followed some simple child like exercises to rewire your brain. Sooner or later you know you will reap the rewards of your persistence.

My Blog Post from 2019

In part four of the Master Key Haanel begins by clarifying that the “I” of you is not the physical body, it is not your mind and it is not your personality. The “I” is something which controls and directs both body and mind whose nature is spiritual and is the true source of power.

Haanel explains that in order to strengthen will and realise your power to accomplish, one of the most effective things you can do is to repeat, as often as possible, the following affirmation:

“I can be what I will to be.”

This time around I have added the word easily to the affirmation:

“I can easily be that which I will to be”

And, he continues, do not start this unless you plan to keep at it, because if you start something and don’t finish it, you form the habit of failure.

Last Sunday we were told on the webinar this is the week when people quit!

They either give up altogether or give up giving less than 100%.

So I decide to commit 100%. Now I know from past experiences that when I commit to any kind of change it is like an incubation process and there comes a moment at some stage where my old patterns/programming put up one almighty fight to hold onto the existing programme and this is when I have a choice to succumb to the “molecules of emotion” or make a stance and say to myself – No I make a stand for my new dream and allow it unfold into my life.

This is what happened with me on Friday evening and Saturday morning. I had a good week reinforcing the habits of getting up early in the morning reading the scroll, my DMP and Master Key Part 4 and sitting in silence for 20 mins as directed. I was feeling happy with my accomplishments. I had also got to watch most of the “speed reading” webinar with Jana Martinez – great exciting webinar – more about it in next weeks blog.

So by Friday evening when I had intended to write my blog I felt exhausted and could not summon enough energy to write anything. I decided to have a an early night and let myself sleep as long as my body needed. I woke up later than normal which was fine and proceeded to read the Master Key part 4 as usual and sit for 20 mins contemplating “I can be what I will to be” and as the tears rolled down my cheeks I allowed myself to reconnect with the “I”nfinite supply of energy within. When I went downstairs my husband commented that “I was glowing” and inquired about what I had been doing.

I love the Master Key programme because it is making it easier for me create the habit of success over failure.

Our Beautiful Brains In Action


Master Key Experience Week 3.1

My 6 Word Story for Living Life.

A large chunk of time in this weeks webinar was devoted to editing and getting clarity on our statements of Definite Major Purpose (DMP). This is a written declaration of what our life’s purpose is our Dharma i.e. what we want to achieve in life and what we are prepared to “give up” to achieve our DMP. Our DMPs must be something we have a passionate desire to achieve and are coupled with our Personal Pivotal Needs (PPN’s) My PPN’s are Spiritual Growth and Liberty. The Act of writing my DMP required contemplation of my true hearts desire. Is this something I really want or something I think other people think I should have or be doing? What would it feel like to experience these things from my DMP in my life right now?

The purpose of the DMP’s is to impress upon “subby” our sub-conscious mind what we want. If we look on our mind as a Giant Glacier our conscious mind is that tiny piece of the glacier sticking out of the water and subby is the massive expanse of ice hidden from view. It has 40 BILLION connections at its disposal to put our DMP into motion – our only job is to get really clear on what we want and add emotion and enthusiasm to that desire. The beauty of the MKE is we are not alone in creating our DMP’s – as each participant has an expert Guide who gives guidance on the vocabulary of the DMP but not on the ideas or content as that is the unique to each person.

Last year I struggled to put a DMP together, but this time around I have the luxury of refining the language and emotions in my DMP and getting even more specific about times dates and feelings. I love the way Mark and Lori encourage us to be very clear and specific with our words in the DMP by telling us that “Accuracy in building words and sentences is the highest form of architecture in civilization and is a passport to success”. My new favourite “magic” word is “easily” which I have liberally sprinkled though out my DMP this week.

Once we have our DMP’s refined we read them aloud 3 times per day “WITH ENTHUSIASM” in order to change our brains wiring and encourage our “subby” to get working on our dream.

For all of you that don’t like the idea of “magic” , I include below some scientific evidence of our Brains ability to change referred to as neuroplasticity. In the video Barbara Arrowsmith-Young talks about a vision of learning that for me has been brought to life through the MKE.



Master Key Experience Week – 2.1 Building on that Solid Foundation.

“Celebrate” – To Acknowledge with a social gathering or enjoyable activity.

Below is last years post after week 2 of the MKE. I celebrate that I took the time and effort to write a post for each lesson last year – it now gives me the opportunity to review where my internal programme was last year and update and install version 2.1.

In the second Master Key webinar Mark encouraged us to celebrate that we are all given control over just 1 thing – THOUGHT and that we all have the same amount of Faith further explaining that Faith simply equals what we believe in.

We all have “Equal Faith” so it is a question of where you place your faith i.e. what do you believe?

I find this definition of Faith very liberating as up until this point I had I believed that I was lacking in “Faith” Oh the irony of it all!

I  put my Faith 100% into  practicing the habits and exercises as laid out in the course last year i.e. I put faith in the power within me – the Golden Buddha as referred to in last weeks post, the results of which have surprised and amazed me in equal measure – more to be revealed as the weekly blog posts unfold.

The MKE defines Faith as “Substance of things hoped for – evidence of things not seen physically.”

I would add to this that while we have control over just one thing, our thoughts what is very much linked to this is that we can decide to attach any feeling we wish to a thought or series of thoughts.

This is HUGE – and the KEY to creating what we want as it is thoughts coupled with feelings is where the real power resides – I will develop this concept with the backup scientific studies in future posts.


I thoroughly enjoyed the interactive aspect of this webinar and completed the exercises “live” with Mark and Davene with a sense of fun and adventure.

The Master Key course has many concrete assignments that are required to be completed within a specific time frame during the week and these brought into sharp focus for me my old belief that I won’t have enough time to get them all completed.

I scheduled the tasks as advised but when I encountered technical difficulties with completing one of these tasks i.e. revising my Definite Major Purpose I ended up crying in frustration and failing to submit it “on time”. The next morning I realised it is better to complete it late that to give up and not do it at all and set about re-writing it.

I now celebrate all the tasks I have diligently and joyfully completed during the week knowing that they are laying the solid foundation for the habit of completion regardless of obstacles real or imagined.


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Master Key Experience Week 1 Happy New MKE Year.

Happy New MKE Year

My lovely daughter surprised me with a Get up and Go Gratitude Journal on Saturday and we got a Polo message from John in our MasterMind group wishing us a Happy New MKE Year – and it really does feel like a New year with all the joy and anticipation that comes with a new beginning and New Year.

Gratitude Journal

” I am now building new habits for myself and “As the words of these scrolls are consumed by my mysterious mind I will begin to awake each morning with a vitality I have never known before” – I very much look forward to that reality.”

Those are the words I wrote at the end of my first ever blog post after watching webinar 1 of the MKE last September.

Having completed the Master Key course last year I now know the truth of this statement from Scroll 1 Og Mandino’s “The Greatest Salesman in the World” It is no longer a hope or a promise from some guru. It is no longer a philosphy written in some holy book it is my lived experience my truth. I know that when I am faithful to the habits and exercises I do wake each morning with an enthusiasm and vitality for the new unfolding day like I have never experienced or known before.

This is not to say that there aren’t challenges and setbacks along the way but my overall mood has massively improved.

So what is this MKE? I hear you ask.

It is a 26 week course based on the Master Key System a programme in book form written by Charles Haanel many many years ago.

You probably have heard of  the film or the book The Secret, which has as its cornerstone the idea of the Law of Attraction.  Rhonda Byrne, the author/producer of The Secret cites The Master Key System as one of her main inspirations.

The Master Key Experience MKKA  is a meticulously designed program which includes  the “sits” or meditations as described in the Master Key System with reading the Og Mandino scrolls and developing your Definite Major Purpose under the tutelage of an expert guide.

As Mark from MKE says by taking this course “You get to find and follow your bliss – and learn how to influence your subconscious so it makes decisions based on your hearts desire effortlessly” 

The Master Key Experience Master Mind Alliance “Does what it says on the Key”




The Master Key Experience – Week 17 The Hero’s Journey

Picture represents Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey



Image result for hero's journey image"

I have experienced huge resistance in writing this weeks Blog – which is now 2 days overdue. The only reason I am writing it now is that I won’t allow myself watch today’s webinar unless I have completed the blog first – I am grateful that the Super Bowl is on tonight and the webinar is earlier than usual!

We added another card to our index cards this week “What am I pretending not to know?” coupled with reading obituaries all week one resulted in my answers to that question is I am living life as if I don’t know I am going to die! I am also pretending I don’t know what a gift it is to be alive and to have the opportunity to make a contribution to life each and every moment. I am pretending I don’t know how to be Happy!

Scroll number V adds to this realisation by declaring “I will live this day as if it is my last”  What a wake up call!

So yesterday February 1st  was St. Brigid’s day – a true Hero in Irish Mythology. Her feast day was originally a Pagan festival called Imbolc marking the transition between Winter and Spring. St. Brigid displays all the attributes of the Hero – , Brigid performed miracles, including healing and feeding the poor. She understood the Give More Get more Philosophy –  According to Legend, as a child, she once gave away her mother’s entire store of butter. The butter was then replaced in answer to Brigid’s prayers.

To Celebrate St. Brigid’s day I sowed some Sunviva yellow cherry  tomato seeds – seeds are also a great mirror for us of the Hero’s Journey – they allow themselves to be placed in darkness and die to be resurrected as a new entity. These tomatoes are the sweetest most delicious tomato I have ever tasted!

Remember to Look for the Hero inside yourself to find the Key to your Life.





Master Key Experience Week 17 -I give Myself Permission To Be Free To Be Me!


Kaleidoscope, Pattern, Kaleydograf, Mosaic

The Privilege of  a Lifetime is being who you are -Joseph Campbell

I can hardly believe we are on week 17 of this wonderful course and that I have been faithful to the exercises every single day –  I will admit there were some days I was more enthusiastic than others but generally  I get out of the bed with a light heart looking forward to reading my DMP, The Blue Print Builder etc. doing the sit followed by writing and reciting 3 new gratitude cards.

I use a reminder on my phone to remember to tune in again after lunch, the social networks remind me to  link in with fellow participants on social media. I am happy to switch off the TV in favour of finishing my day with more reading and contemplation.

It is like nothing else I have ever experienced – It is gracefully changing me from the inside out!

In Lesson 17 we are encouraged to Concentrate – This is to be a relaxed Concentration which almost seems like a contradiction in terms. Before I started the MKE concentration for me involved unconsciously tensing my muscles particularly my shoulders.  Now I relax into the object of my concentration

To become so identified with the object of your thought that you are conscious of nothing else

unaware of your body, your surroundings and how much time has passed since you started the sit, or anything else for that matter.

Haanel goes on to explain that when we execute this method of concentration correctly

Invisible forces are set in motion which irresistibly bring about conditions in correspondence with your thought

When we use this Laser like focus we develop our intuition which

 arrives at conclusions without the aid of experience or memory

We can often solve problems by simply sitting alone in silence and concentrating on the desired outcome. Our intuitive insights often come like a bolt out of the blue  and with a solution that our logical minds would never have envisioned. The more we acknowledge and welcome these intuitive insights the more often they will come to visit us.

Of course Rome wasn’t built in a day and this discipline of laser focused  concentration takes practice and patience but as Haanel describes in 17.17

The intensity of one moment’s earnest concentration and the intense longing to become and to attain may take you further than years of slow normal and forced effort; it will unfasten the prison bars of unbelief, weakness, impotence, and self-belittlement, and you will come into a realization of the joy of overcoming.

So this week I concentrated on giving myself permission to be happy,  and to simply be free to be my true authentic self. The scroll we are reading now from Og Mandino tells us we are “Natures greatest Miracle” and that there never has and never will be another quite like us – which is an amazing contemplation.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read my Post.


Master Key Experience -Week 16 – “Try a Little Kindness”

Kindness, Chalk, Handwritten, Word, Handwriting


“When you treat People Kindly you get treated in Kind”  is something I got to experience this week in spades.

Last week in the MKE we started using “The Franklin Makeover Technique” whereby we pick a virtue that we would like to experience more of for a week and keep a record of every time we notice it either in others or ourselves.

This week the whole group got to focus on KINDNESS with the added benefit of sharing with each other at least 2 kindnesses we had experienced each day. It is in the sharing with the group that we get to experience a real Master Mind Alliance in action.

This week has been a real eye opener from  both the kindness and Master Mind points of view.

I have started to notice kindness everywhere I look and the best part has been the reactions of people when they experience an unexpected act of kindness. I also realised that the acts of kindnesses I witnessed all week were  probably there every other week too but I hadn’t noticed them or labelled them as such, the cheery “good mornings” the doors held open, the kind drivers who let me out in a long line of traffic, the freshly cooked delicious dinner that is waiting for me when I get home.

The real AHA moment happened for me on Monday – The first act of kindness of the day was to myself in deciding to take a days  leave from work because there was a severe storm coming our way. As I was at home I got to really participate in sharing in the kindness group and enjoyed the interaction.

Following this when I was looking through my achievement cards I found myself acknowledging the other people who had supported me in these accomplishments and I started adding their names to the cards e.g. to the card that read “I have made lots of pots of Jam” I added with the help of my mother and sisters and only possible through the bounty of nature. My lesson – there is very little I have accomplished without the help and support of a Master Mind Alliance.

So join me in “Trying a little kindness” and you will find it becomes easier with practice as you become aware of more opportunities to be kind and how much kindness already exists in our world.

















































Master Key Experience – Week 15 – Gratitude as a Cause.

Thank You, Polaroid, Letters

I am starting to understand the power of gratitude as a cause of creating more to be grateful for rather than an effect i.e. something we express or feel after an experience or receiving something. I love the exercise that we started last week of writing 3 things on index cards  that we are grateful for each day (repetition is not allowed – 3 new things each day). My cards have varied from being grateful for a powerful hot shower to a cup of tea to a lovely bright winters morning – all of which were in my reality at the time of expressing gratitude. It is not simply that we rattle off three things that we are grateful for but that we actually feel true gratitude for these things as we read our cards out loud with enthusiasm.

Part 15 of the Master Key states that the laws under which we live are designed for our advantage and that growth is attained through an exchange of the old for the new. I have found that doing the gratitude practice above regularly has exchanged finding fault with gratitude for what already exists.

“The wonderful power of clothing thoughts in the form of words” according to Haanel in part 15 is what differentiates mankind from the animal kingdom.

The other great thing that separates us from the animal kingdom is that we can visualise a future for ourselves and take action towards the realisation of that future.

This is where the real power of gratitude comes into force – What if we express genuine authentic gratitude for an event or thing that we haven’t yet experienced  but would like to experience e.g. something we have written in our Definite Major Purpose that we truly desire.

Expressing gratitude for something we haven’t yet experienced is in my mind demonstrating faith in our dreams and building that bridge which Mark spoke to us about at the start of the Master Key Experience between where we are now and our future Selves.


Today I am Grateful For

  •  All you beautiful people who read my Blog
  • The partial rainbow I saw on my walk today – I sooo Love rainbows!
  • The Master Key Experience Movement.

What are you Grateful for Today? Feel Free to share below!

See also Laura’s awesome post on week 15 of the MKE experience

Awesome exercises, insight and harmony (MKE week 15)



Master Key Week 14 – Gratitude for Harmony.

arid bryce canyon clouds color

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Wishing all who read this Post a Happy Harmonious 2020! Happy New Year!

We got to read scroll IV of Og Mandino’s ‘The greatest Salesman” on Wednesday where we are told that we are “natures greatest miracle” – what a great start to the New Year!

I choose a photo of a rainbow this week as one of the many many things I am grateful for this Christmas and New year is the wonderful perfectly formed rainbows over the ox mountains  I got to enjoy on my walks.

In Part 14 of the Master Key Haanel says “If you wish Harmonious conditions in your life, you must develop an harmonious mental attitude” and in the sit this week we are directed to concentrate on Harmony and to concentrate so earnestly that we will be conscious of nothing but harmony.

So what is an “Harmonious Mental Attitude”? and how can I cultivate it in my daily life? – for surely I do wish for harmonious conditions in my life!

My own working definition of having a harmonious mental attitude is where I have a definite intention i.e. as defined in My Definite Major Purpose and that my thoughts, feelings, and actions are all in alignment with this Intention.  Coupled with this is the belief of “ask and you shall receive” ” knock and it shall be opened unto you” In other words when I get up from my sit I am not looking for my intention to have manifested in my life but rather I am present in each moment of the day knowing that the ways and means of reaching my desired outcome will be revealed as the day unfolds.

As Mark outlined in his Coffee chat on Sunday the Key to the Vault is Gratitude! One of the tasks from week 13 carried forward is that after the sit each morning we must create 3 new gratitude cards and mix  them into achievement/accomplishment  cards that we already have created.

At regular intervals during the day we read with enthusiasm a few of the cards thereby using the law of growth to increase that which we want more of in our lives.

So what about those New Years Resolutions?

I know we have all made them and often the same ones year after year but I’m not making New Years Resolutions this Year. You know and I know they don’t work. I know they not only don’t work but they are damaging. Every time you set a resolution and don’t keep it you are training your mind for failure.

Changing your circumstances, whether that be “getting in shape”, losing 2 stone, giving up the cigarettes requires changing your mind and your habits. That does not happen with a simple resolution to do so on New Years Day.

What I am doing this year is a Complete Makeover. The Master Key Master Mind Alliance Experience is giving me the tools to  change my habits and find my real, inner self and be “natures greatest miracle” personified


One of the other things I am truly grateful for is I listened to the New Years Day concert of the Austrian Philharmonic orchestras playing the Blue Danube – Heavenly!


people watching play on stage
Photo by Matheus Viana on Pexels.com

Check out this great blog post also about Harmony https://dvancemasterkey.wordpress.com/2020/01/03/master-key-experience-week-14/



Master Key Experience – Week 13 – Hanging on by the skin of my teeth!


person rock climbing
Photo by Анна Рыжкова on Pexels.com

Definition of Persistence: The fact of continuing firmly or obstinately in an opinion or course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.

I have found this week of the MKE the most challenging to date! I have been fighting a viral type cold for over a week now which has not helped matters. It certainly feels like the one step forward two steps backward that Haanel talked about in week 12 of the Master Key.

It all started on Sunday night while watching the live webinar – usually at the end of the webinars – I feel energised and pumped for the week ahead but this one was different for me. We had a wonderful presentation from Luc Griffet who used the metaphor of his mountain climb to inspire us to keep on going and be persistent.

BUT THEN came the shocker Mark went on to describe a  technique called NARC – Neurological Associative Reactive Conditioning.

Mark explained that  since the time of the Greeks and beyond there have been two basic feelings  that rules peoples lives. These feelings are pain and pleasure. Pleasure feels good, and we move towards it – pain feels bad and we instinctively move away from it!

We are the only species on the planet who have the choice to determine what is painful and what is pleasurable e.g. we can attach feelings of pleasure to eating or to not eating.

Neurological Associative Reactive Conditioning (NARC) is a technique that enables us to leverage our subconscious minds by making choices as to what we associate pain and pleasure with.

Humans are not designed to seek out or tolerate pain and we prefer to repeat things that  bring us pleasure. We often avoid the “traction point” or “main thing” that would drive our lives, relationships and businesses forward because we associate pain with them. We may avoid things such as reaching out to others seeking help  or sharing our ideas.

So when Mark had finished describing the NARC technique and how we were to make ourselves feel bad and that we had let everyone down in particular ourselves – I was crying and could genuinely feel this sense of failure.

When Mark went on to describe how to make ourselves feel great again after having completed the process – I just couldn’t think of anything to bring myself back up to the feeling good about myself state. I went to bed in the feeling bad state and had nightmares where I cried a lot!

My husband and I had been doing an early morning meditation for the previous 2 weeks and I forced myself to sit up and turn on the recording as usual – At the end of the meditation I felt a huge sense of gratitude to my parents and my family of origin for the wonderful “Presents” and “Presences” of Christmas’s past. At the end of the meditation I realised that the meditation was my “traction point” and that I could only generate the good feelings when I had completed what I needed to do.

I am continuing to use the NARC process starting today and am looking forward to great results because by having demonstrated persistence in doing the MKE required tasks I have set myself up for success using NARC.

The Mental diet continued to be challenging for the rest of the week – but I am grateful for the  great support which I garnered from the new resources introduced this week.

I am grateful for my Mastermind Marianna’s prompting to find the recording of “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale – I love his voice – I am sure subby finds it soothing and entrancing – I have made the card as he directed and listened to the recording everyday this week!

I also discovered a great MKE song in the MKMMA members area performed by Danny Linkert which I listened to a few times each day also using it with the Mind Gym technique – Thank you Danny – Its great!

I watched one of the recommended films “Rudy” which also helped me with that persistence and to look for and use the help available to me!

“Rudy” is a film based on the true life story of “Rudy Ruettiger”

Rudy has a dream to play football at the University of Notre Dame even though he has been told he is too small to be a footballer and he is not a particularly gifted player and he has neither the money for tuition nor the grades to qualify for a scholarship. Despite being ridiculed by the family and co-workers at the local steel mill – Rudy decides to really go after his dream when is best friend and greatest supporter gets killed.

In this film Rudy clearly demonstrates  the 4 habits of success that Mark has emphasised during every MKE session:

  1.  Definite Major Purpose – To Play Football for Notre Dame and by extension of that to be educated at Notre Dame
  2. Positive Mental Attitude – Rudy demonstrates this in Spades – even loosing his Fiancee to one of his older brothers doesn’t deter him and getting three letters of rejection when trying to gain entry to Notre Dame only strengthens his resolve.
  3. Plan of Action – He plays football whenever he can – eventually gaining access to the training squad.
  4. A Master Mind Alliance – Rudy develops many alliances and friendships along the way starting with his best buddy and then a Priest and a Teaching Assistant and the Groundsman in Notre Dame.

It is the groundsman in Notre Dame who delivers my favourite line from the movie – when Rudy has eventually quit as it becomes obvious he is not going to get onto the pitch when he reminds Rudy that he has nothing to prove to anyone but himself and that he will always regret quitting. Rudy returns to the training and the rest as they say is History.

“The Coach  finally lets Rudy play on the Notre Dame kickoff to Georgia Tech. Rudy stays in for the final play and sacks the Georgia Tech quarterback, and is carried on his teammates’ shoulders to cheers from the stadium.”

An epilogue states that after 1975, no other player for Notre Dame had been carried off the field to the time of the film’s release in 1993. Rudy graduated in 1976 and all his younger brothers went on to earn college degrees.

I really enjoyed watching this film with my family and grateful for Persistence!

Thank you for reading and wishing you all a wonderful 2020.






Master Key Experience- Week 12- A Time to Go Within.

Year Celebrations, The Year, Winter Solstice

Today is the winter solstice where I live – A time to reflect and go within as nature does.

In The Master Key Part 12 Haanel advises “It is in the Silence that you get into touch with the Omnipotent power of the subconscious mind from which all power is evolved”

In this weeks lesson Haanel addresses the application of Knowledge using courage and Faith. Haanel repeatedly reminds us that “knowledge does not apply itself”

He goes on to explain that we must firstly have the knowledge of our Power secondly the courage to dare thirdly the Faith to do. These are the essential three steps that propel us forward and prevent us from going backward in the pursuit of what ever it is we want.

Coupled with this is that in order to create anything wonderful we must have a clear picture of what it is we want and then persist until we find the methods to accomplish it. Emotions and feelings, add vitality to our thoughts.  Love is the most powerful of all the emotions and “Thought impregnated with love becomes invincible”

I found this week challenging – the drive to work became more challenging with slippy roads and branches down after a storm the night before that kept me awake for most of the night – but the third scroll from Og Mandino “I Persist – I win” has helped to keep me going”

Now I have two weeks holidays from work – I love Christmas a time to reflect, do lots of cooking and eating, spend time with family and generally relax!

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful 2020!


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Master Key Week 10 – What makes me Happy?

There was no webinar on Sunday evening this week but there was the option to watch three webinars entitled “Finding Your Authentic Purpose” facilitated by two fabulous ladies Lori and Lucinda. It lived up to its promise of being fun fast and interactive. Most importantly I discovered my One thing that being be a “Happy Coach” – the most important element being that I am Happy with Myself. So now I am asking the question “What Makes me Happy”?

Part 10 of The Master Key starts off with an idea that seems very foreign to many people: The Universe is abundant, lavish and wasteful. Haanel tells us that if you look around nature you see the evidence of this everywhere.  That nowhere is economy observed in nature.  Profusion is manifested in everything.

That there is abundance available to all makes me Happy. 😊

I found the sit for this week challenging:

“This week select a blank space on the wall…mentally draw a black horizontal line about six inches long, try to see the line as plainly as though it were painted on the wall; now mentally draw two vertical lines connecting with this horizontal line at either end; now draw another horizontal line connecting the two vertical lines; now you have a square. Try to see the square perfectly; when you can do so draw a circle within the square; now place a point in the centre of the circle; now draw the point toward you about 10 inches; now you have a cone on a square base; you will remember that your work was all in black; change it to white, to red, to yellow.”

That I did the sit every morning even though I found it challenging and found Masterminding with Marianna gave me ideas on how to improve my efforts made me Happy. 😊

That I am aware that Happiness is an inside Job also makes me feel empowered and Happy 😊.


Master Key – Week 9

I am becoming my own best friend!

This Week for the Master Key “sit” the directions are to visualise sowing a seed of our favourite flower see it germinating and growing its roots followed by the stems and finally the glorious flowers with their intoxicating scent. I love this visualisation and find it easier to do than some of the previous exercises.

It has reminded me of the importance of good foundations – the flower puts down its roots its anchor and then reaches for the sun. I am noticing the benefits of the strong foundations laid down by the first few weeks of the Master Key Experience. The most noticeable one is that when I think of doing something I just do it – no procrastination e.g. I read a recipe for a Banana and Ginger Cake in the Sunday paper on Monday evening and noticing we had 2 over ripe bananas , I set to and made the cake straight away – This is a definite positive change for me.

We had a Zoom meeting with our lovely Master Key guide Sylvie on Saturday afternoon where I met Marianna and her husband Toni who live in Switzerland. Through Sylvie’s expert guidance I have remembered to check in with myself more often during my work day anchoring the lessons to my every day life.

Marianna invited me to be here Mastermind partner and I was delighted to accept her invitation. Linking up with another person on the Master Key course to Mastermind with is a requirement – As Mark has re-iterated on numerous occasions we all do better with a mentor.

It reminds of the saying “what gets measured gets done” so when I tell Marianna I intend to do a particular thing I know I will follow through. We are using the Marco Polo app for our Masterminding – I am still getting to grips with it.

7 Day Mental Diet update – I feel like I am making great progress with this I am now on day 3 and in the process becoming my own best friend! I find my internal chatter is much more encouraging than in the past. The Key for me is the law of substitution – I have a few “mantras” that I invoke when I notice any non-productive thoughts and it is working. The other great support for my mental diet is the repeated reading of Og Mandino’s 2nd scroll “I greet this day with love in my Heart” – I wake up in the morning with this though and fall asleep the same way.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Master key Experience – Week 8- Introducing the Magnificent

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This week we are continuing the mental diet still striving to get to 7 days in a row but with the help of the 7 laws of the mind and linking in the other tools loaded in our arsenal since during the past 7 weeks – this is a doable challenge even if it is not easy.

So what are these magnificent 7 laws of the mind:

1. Law of Substitution

We cannot think about 2 things at the same time. If a negative thought enters your mind ~ try to think about God instead. If that is too big a reach at the time, use any fond memory or other pleasant thought. Jesus, the Master Teacher, said, “Resist not evil” ~ meaning turn from it and think about something else instead.

2. Law of Relaxation

Mental effort defeats itself ~ exactly the opposite of physical effort. A relaxed, calm state of mind, is the only doorway to progress mentally. Relaxation of thought is the only access to Infinite Intelligence.

3. Law of Practice

Practice makes perfect. The 5Ps – Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance. Our bewilderment of magnificence in others, upon further inspection, finds…as Wooden shares ‘you’ll find most of it is practice, the rest of it is work.’ With practice of the correct things, we improve ~ on the other 6 Laws of the Mind.

4. Law of Forgiveness

To access the Divine and connect the subconscious to the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Creator we must forgive everyone and anyone to clear the channel. There can be no connection to the Divine mind where anger or resentment against a brother or sister, justified or not, exists.

5. Law of Dual Thought

Thought is a combination of ideation and feeling. We can attach any feeling to a thought we want.

6. Law of Subconscious

As soon as the subconscious accepts the idea it becomes a demand and it works constantly, 24-7, to manifest demand ~ accessing a reservoir of infinite resources.

7. Law of Growth
Whatever we think about grows. What we forget atrophies.

So is the 7 days mental diet an easy challenge? NO IT IS CERTAINLY NOT

Is it worth the effort? ABSOLUTELY – once we glimpse some of its rewards all the effort and work is forgotten and seems like a no – thing – The REWARDS are SO GREAT!

To your eternal success!


Master Key Week 7 – By The Grace of God.

I had left creating my Movie Poster which was the homework from the previous webinar until Sunday afternoon and so enjoyed the process of putting it together. I just had fun with it! and was so looking forward to this weeks webcast on Sunday.

So this week we are on a diet – a 7 day mental diet!

This means we are to use the Law of substitution from the 7 Laws of the mind to replace negative thoughts immediately with a positive thought. We are to begin at Day 1 and each time it takes more than 7 seconds to notice and replace the thought we are to start back at day 1.

Now I had tried this in September when I first discovered the Master Key Process but never managed to get past the first few mins eventually a few hours of the first day and eventually just gave up!

The diet started with Mark leading us in a forgiveness mediation which left me in a beautiful state of peace and joy with the song “I’m so excited” going around in my head.

I got up the next morning with a smile on my face and found it so easy replace negative thoughts opinions etc with my chosen replacement thought which is “I am filled with the Love and the Joy of God” and this continued for the full day at work and even when I had to sit in 5 mile traffic jam – I noticed that the scene in front of me was filled with the Master Key shapes – The evening sky was vivid blue the lorry in front of me had bright red circle lights and to my right was a forest of green conifers. By 9 pm I was feeling tired and decided to have an early night but before I did I read the seven day mental diet by Emmet Fox where he describes the seven day mental diet and warns of how difficult it is to achieve and “then start in and the grace of God go with you” and had the realisation that the Grace of God had been with me that day.

I haven’t managed to do 7 days in a row yet – but I now know it is possible for me to do this and I have started to build faith in myself.

Thank you for reading!



Master Key Experience Week 1

Getting Started

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more.

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As I sit down to write this Blog in front of a beautiful blazing fire in the home my husband and I have built together I realise how lucky I have been in life so far and how many of my dreams have already manifested.

So what attracted me to the Master Key Experience was

  1. To learn how to think for myself – you would think that by the age of 56 I would have mastered this skill but I still find myself too influenced by the opinion of others.
  2. The promise of having a certified guide to be with me through the Master Key Experience.
  3. The opportunity for further self discovery – in particular what is it I really want in life.

This week I have particularly enjoyed the sitting still for 15 mins which I have chosen to do first thing in the morning after reading The first scroll from the Greatest Salesman and the Master Key Chapter 1.

I have found the most challenging exercise to be writing My Definite Major Purpose. I started it on numerous occasions but always got frustrated and ended up leaving it until the last minute on Thursday night.

I am now building new habits for myself and “As the words of these scrolls are consumed by my mysterious mind I will begin to awake each morning with a vitality I have never known before” – I very much look forward to that reality.

Master Key Experience – Week 23 – Ease into the Spirit of Service

Many thanks to my lighthearted friend Bibi for the Serenity prayer with image above. This was my Mums favourite prayer!

In this weeks webinar we were introduced to Deepak Chopras 4th Spiritual law of success “The Law of Least effort” . The law is based on the realisation that nature produces her bounty with effortless ease. The foundations of the law is love and Harmony.

In part 23 of the Master Key experience Hanaal explains that the first law of success is Service that it is as important to give as to receive. This week we are to give our attention/concentration to the fact that “man is not a body with a spirit, but a spirit with a body”

So as I give my attention to the Spirit that I am who is experiencing life in a human body I get more guidance on how to ease myself into the Spirit of Service.

I love the idea of living life guided by the Laws of least Effort – which I have written on index cards and read 3 times daily.

The law of Least Effort means living each day with:

1. Acceptance

2. Responsibility

3. Defenselessness

Acceptance: I will practice Acceptance.

Today I will accept people, situations, circumstances, and events as they occur. I will know that this moment is as it should be, because the whole universe is as it should be. I will not struggle against the whole universe by struggling against this moment. My acceptance is total and complete. I accept things as they are in this moment, not as I wish they were.

Having accepted things as they are, I will take Responsibility for my situation and for all those events I see as problems. I know that taking responsibility means not blaming anyone or anything for my situation (and this includes myself). I also know that every problem is an opportunity in disguise, and this alertness to opportunities allows me to take this moment and transform it into a greater benefit.

Today my awareness will remain established in Defenselessness. I will relinquish the need to defend my point of view. I will feel no need to convince or persuade others to accept my point of view. I will remain open to all points of view and not be rigidly attached to any one of them.

May you be blessed with the serenity of  acceptance courage and wisdom of the beautiful prayer above.