Master Key Experience Week 2: Building a Solid Foundation

“Celebrate” – To Acknowledge with a social gathering or enjoyable activity.

In the second Master Key webinar Mark encouraged us to celebrate that we are all given control over just 1 thing – THOUGHT and that we all have the same amount of Faith further explaining that Faith simply equals what we believe in.

We all have “Equal Faith” so it is a question of where you place your faith i.e. what do you believe?

I find this definition of Faith very liberating as up until this point I had I believed that I was lacking in “Faith” Oh the irony of it all!

I thoroughly enjoyed the interactive aspect of this webinar and completed the exercises “live” with Mark and Davine with a sense of fun and adventure.

The Master Key course has many concrete assignments that are required to be completed within a specific time frame during the week and these brought into sharp focus for me my old belief that I won’t have enough time to get them all completed.

I scheduled the tasks as advised but when I encountered technical difficulties with completing one of these tasks i.e. revising my Definite Major Purpose I ended up crying in frustration and failing to submit it “on time”. The next morning I realised it is better to complete it late that to give up and not do it at all and set about re-writing it.

I now celebrate all the tasks I have diligently and joyfully completed during the week knowing that they are laying the solid foundation for the habit of completion regardless of obstacles real or imagined.

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  1. Hi Breege, good job on getting it posted on time. I think it is important to verbalizes our feeling in our blog. Beside being a place release emotions; it is feel fun to read it at the end of the course and realize the changes that have taken places.

    Give Your Future a Past to Remember

    Jerry Bronner
    Certified Guide

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