Master Key Experience Week 6 – Making Friends with My future Self

The stand out information for me in week six was regarding procrastination and how we see our future selves. In “Solving the Procrastination Puzzle” Timothy Pychyl Phd explains that when we procrastinate all we are doing is giving problems to our future self and asked the question “why do we do this?”

So in studies where subjects were hooked up to fMRI’s and they were asked to think about:

  1. Their present self

2. A stranger

3. Their future self

It was discovered that they thought of their future self in the same way as they thought of a stranger.

So this week I have decided to make friends with my future self and some of the ways I did that was:

  1. I prepared a healthy take away breakfast in the evening to take to work with me next morning.
  2. I bought the most fabulous spring bulbs and planted them for my future self to enjoy in Spring
  3. I went to bed early enough to have a good sleep before the six o’clock alarm
  4. When I looked “at the girl in the glass” at night and said I love you – I included my past present and future self!
  5. I joined Professor Procrastination on twitter!
  6. Went for a brisk walk with work colleagues at break time – exhilarating!
  7. I got up early every morning did the Master Key reading and sit together with speed reading practice.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

I Love this Photo!

How can you befriend your future Self today?


3 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 6 – Making Friends with My future Self”

  1. Hurray for you, making your future self your very BEST friend – and taking the actions! I love how you in #4  included loving your past, present and future self! Great idea!! I will do that! Thank you so much for sharing!! ♥
    I’m taking some actions, too, drinking more water is one of them (1 litre a day as a start to make sure I KEEP my promises!), and exercise every day, either yoga or dance – or both 🙂 I think about my future self every day and it’s as she’s smiling back at me 🙂 May the power of LOVE be with your present and future self!  ♥

  2. A really great post. When I went back to college in my late forties we had to write at least one to two papers a week while working full time. The first few were really sad, but as I move on I got better. Thee MKE is the same way. I see you are doing a great in your post. The part I enjoyed the most was “So this week I have decided to make friends with my future self and some of the ways I did that was:” All seven step that you listed. Here is a little tip to increase readership. I show that have your blog listed as Uncategorized. If you change it to Master Key or MKE; you will pick up people sear for those terms on Google

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