The Master Key Experience – Week 17 The Hero’s Journey

Picture represents Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey



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I have experienced huge resistance in writing this weeks Blog – which is now 2 days overdue. The only reason I am writing it now is that I won’t allow myself watch today’s webinar unless I have completed the blog first – I am grateful that the Super Bowl is on tonight and the webinar is earlier than usual!

We added another card to our index cards this week “What am I pretending not to know?” coupled with reading obituaries all week one resulted in my answers to that question is I am living life as if I don’t know I am going to die! I am also pretending I don’t know what a gift it is to be alive and to have the opportunity to make a contribution to life each and every moment. I am pretending I don’t know how to be Happy!

Scroll number V adds to this realisation by declaring “I will live this day as if it is my last”  What a wake up call!

So yesterday February 1st  was St. Brigid’s day – a true Hero in Irish Mythology. Her feast day was originally a Pagan festival called Imbolc marking the transition between Winter and Spring. St. Brigid displays all the attributes of the Hero – , Brigid performed miracles, including healing and feeding the poor. She understood the Give More Get more Philosophy –  According to Legend, as a child, she once gave away her mother’s entire store of butter. The butter was then replaced in answer to Brigid’s prayers.

To Celebrate St. Brigid’s day I sowed some Sunviva yellow cherry  tomato seeds – seeds are also a great mirror for us of the Hero’s Journey – they allow themselves to be placed in darkness and die to be resurrected as a new entity. These tomatoes are the sweetest most delicious tomato I have ever tasted!

Remember to Look for the Hero inside yourself to find the Key to your Life.




7 thoughts on “The Master Key Experience – Week 17 The Hero’s Journey”

  1. Breege,

    i love your idea of planting tomato seeds as a mirror of the Hero’s Journey. With a great visual of “allowing themselves to be placed in darkness and die to be resurrected as a new entity.” This really works for me. Thank you for sharing, this makes a difference.

    I send you all the seeds that you need on your Hero’s Journey for you and for you to pass on to others.


  2. Hi Breege,
    What a great blog post you wrote here, it is probably a bit later now, but in Scroll 8 of Og, there is a sentence that I cannot get over. The one where it talks about planting the seeds in the darkness, and that we should plant ourselves in the darkness of failures, imperfections etc, it is THE most powerful sentence I have read in the whole of the MKE course.

    It tells me that our failures, our faults, our insecurities, our mistakes, all that is not perfect in us, shall grow, if we only are willing to plan ourselves in them, and make them grow.

    I link this sentence to what you have written above. It is such a strong link and makes your post so valuable.

    1. Thank you John! This is my favourite blog from all I wrote for MKE. I agree that the sentence about planting ourselves in the darkness of failures and imperfections is a powerful contemplation and exercise. It reminds me that it is the irritation of the grain of sand in his shell that causes the Oyster to create the Pearl.

  3. Follow up to your tomato seeds planted on St. Brigid’s day. They are now almost 8 feet tall and producing wonderful tasty yellow tomatoes. Yum!! Well done.

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